My mural at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest.
Thanks to everyone who was involved and organized this so smoothly: Interesting Times Bureau, ARCUB, Ioana & Justin ( from UAUIM ), Pren ( for helping me with the mural ), Tiberiu, Ionut and Tudor Prisacariu ( for photos and videos ).

I feel like I have to be honest about this mural - it's a pretty frustrating mural for me, I see it as a symbol of failure for me: the moment I painted it was a moment of personal failure in my life. Also, the original idea of the mural itself was initially that of a juxtapozition of natural, organic elements, and a white line drawing of a Corinthian capital. The whole idea was to illustrate the way architecture finds inspiration in nature. But at the moment I felt like adding that extra element might fuck up the whole thing, I was a bit worried, so I just left it like this, and now I feel like there's something missing, and that I should've made that extra effort.