Aitch & Saddo / COFFINS

La Petite Mort Gallery
August 15 - 28, 2014 /
Vernissage Friday August 15 / 7 - 10pm

When we first started developing a rough idea for our second duo-show at La Petite Mort Gallery, we had recently moved to Lisbon and the winter caught us by surprise, we didn't expect it to be so rainy, gloomy, and depressing. It deeply affected our mood and even our physical state, we often felt trapped inside our dark, moist house, inside slow moving, joint aching bodies - and every once in a while, maybe more often than usual, a coffin would pop up in both our illustrations and paintings. So we decided to make the best of it and came up with a very simple and striking name - COFFINS.

The subject reflects our state of mind, our mood, our fears and insomnias, but of course, at the same time it is such a beautiful, mysterious and eerie shape, which creeps in our illustrations either as a simple center piece, or as a vessel for dreamy girls, or as a small box carried around by a grotesque creature, or even as a fantastic character's body, incasing a dead bird.

It can be dark and creepy, sad and desolate, fantastic and dreamy, or even quirkily funny.