One of my favorite murals I ever worked on, collaboration with one of my favorite Romanian artists Pren . The mural was definitely a challenge for me - sometimes even a bit anguishing - trying this new, more geometric, clean, minimalistic approach, with much less detail than I'm used to, but I'm super happy with the result. It has a constructivist feeling which I think fits really well in the context, so we decided that the title of the mural should be an excerpt from an old Romanian communist poem:

Ca o pasăre în zbor / Eu sînt şoimul şoimilor / Şi deviza mea-i mândria / De-a trăi în România!
Like a bird in flight/ I am the falcon of falcons/ And my motto is pride/ To live in Romania! ( thanks Sebastian Catalin Olar for the translation )

Thanks Pren, and the organizers of Sibiu International Street ART Festival. And thanks Andra and George from Scena9 for the photos and good vibes

Photos by: George Popescu, Ana Ciobotaru