Illustration I made for Forum Apulum's "Resistants" project. As with most of their projects, this one too tries to shed some light over some more unknown aspects of Romanian history, in this case, the anti-communist Resistance.

Toma Arnăuțoiu was one of the most well known anti-communist partisans, he spent nine years in the mountains together with other partisans, his brother Petre, and his wife Maria Plop, their daughter Ioana was born in a cave, she was 2 years old when the group got captured.

It was the longest and strongest anti-communist resistance in Europe, they were betrayed by one of their close supporters, who was recruited by the Securitate, and they were arrested together with members of the Arnăuțoiu family and condemned to prison or death. Toma Arnăuțoiu was executed on July 18, 1959.

More on his life story here:…/rezistentii/85-toma-arnautoiu